Choosing a Photographer/Videographer

Once your wedding is complete,the pictures and video will be one of your only tangible keepsakes.this seemingly underscores the value in selecting a photographer and videographer who is a right fit with your needs.below are some tips you can use to help you in this important process:


Are they professional?

A hired photographer/Videographer should be true professional.with the advent of in expensive digital cameras,many people think that a camera and some business cards is all that is required to effectively run a photography and videography couldn't be further from the truth and that mentality typically results in problems down the road.A professional will have a website,an e-mail address,a comprehensive portfolio(online or hard copy),a business licence,referrals,and will be happy to furnish these items upon is not necessary that photography is their only source of income,but it certainly helps if they take it seriously enough to do it legally and properly.doing so implies a vested interest in your satisfaction and quality of images.


My Style:

If i had to describe my style,i would say photo journalistic,with a touch of classic photography here and there,My goal is to tell the complete story of your wedding day.

The details,The flower,The rings and The emotions. I take the a documentary style approach and capture even the smallest details,so that you can look back and remember what an amazing day it was.



Albums are also changing for better.No longer are you required to have prints placed in page with pre-cut mat.while this is classy,formal album has its place,many moderm couples are going the route of digitally designed and printed coffee table books or hard cover albums.These elegant offerings have the advantage of running full page even double page images on top of them,creatively laid out,resulting in a modern published book feel.these are excellent quality and do not require you to obtain actual prints first. since most wedding photographer outsource album design and creation but we design our album in our studio printed by well reputable lab in the US,Japan and Italy,don't let this be a deciding factor in who you hire,but instead see what the photographer offers.



Photography + Cinematography


Professional. Passionate. Priceless.